Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Uncommon experiences

The airport has sort of become a bus stop, meaning it no longer is a
luxury good. It was a saks... Now it is a target. The good news is, I
always preferred target.

But it does remind me how many people do not share my lifestyle. How
many still haven't got airport security down. 8 years later, a middle
aged woman threw a fit when she realized, feet from the conveyor, that
her body lotion was in peril. Okay, I think, air travel is a luxury.
Still. And if your family and friends are all local... Which is true
for most people, it means a vacation!

More surprising perhaps was the man who stammered out his order at
starbucks, tentatively asking if they could do a latte and make it
chocolate for him. Sure, the language of skinny half caf is esoteric,
but this was a coffee newb ...

I guess I am luckier than I generally think. Or at least, more well
off. Or more urban. While starbucks is hardly self actualization....
It does make me happy. And I am grateful.


hornett said...

Urban, young, smart - yeah, you're lucky. Also, I had a similar experience. A woman in the "Expert" line at Logan asked me if this was a "Shoes Off" airport. I told her, yes - take off your shoes. She then walked through the metal detector with about 2 lbs of jewelery on her wrists, shocked that it set off the metal detector!

Capt. BS said...

That was awesome.

Priya said...

is it that people are clueless about the airport procedures or that they are just clueless in general? i sort of wonder how this person gets to work every day.