Tuesday, May 19, 2009


No one ever said life was fair. I know that. And for me, I can't really complain. I've had my ups and downs. I turned out alright. No complaints.

But sometimes I look out there and wonder.. why? I know, I should wonder why my friend's child is still battling brain cancer, years later. But, I have a more mundane issue on my mind. Why do so many people seem to end up... divorced?  

My parents are divorced. One of them, multiple times. I get it. I've lived through the fights. But, it feels like once a week someone announces that it's over. This week alone, I've heard of 3. I'm sure that's a bit splotchy. I knew two of the couples before they were even together. In a period of time that feels like "only yesterday," they met, got married, even had children, and are now getting divorced. 

I have no back stories. Maybe someone did something heinous. Maybe not. Maybe they grew apart. Maybe they were never together properly. All I know is that the details of these specific relationships are sort of irrelevant, given the sheer number of divorces I have among my friends and loved ones. That dratted 50% number is looking pretty real to me - and I'm not even 35. 

I'm getting married in less than 6 months - and I am SO certain it is the right move. I love my fiance. And yet, I'm sure everyone says that. Except the scary people on Bridezillas. I'm sure everyone getting divorced will also say they were wrong... 

All I know is - something is wrong with... the way things are.


Kate said...

The 4 year rule!

hornett said...

Well, people do get married for a host of reasons, most of which are bad reasons.
Did you know that arragned marriages have the same divorce rate as traditional ones?
Could it be that we are sold on ideas of the opposite sex that aren't grounded anywhere in reality? Are there conflicting messages that tell both genders never to really settle down and to always be an individual? I think to some degree, but anyone in a good marriage says it takes work, which lots of people hate. However, when you love your job - it isn't work, so maybe that's the key? What am I talking about? I don't even know!