Tuesday, June 23, 2009

dear sloanies: consider charm school

in the past week i've been contacted by 2 very ridiculous sloanies:

#1 - alum from 2001 who is applying for a job at my company.  i've never met her.  i have no idea who she is.  she's applying for a position in audit, where, if she had read the alum database, would have seen that there were at least 2 other people in finance who were alums who might have been a better bet to call.  and she needs my help to determine how to get her resume noticed.  

but here's how the letter begins: "i am leaving my awesome job at a boutique consulting firm because i can no longer handle the stress of making a sales quota and i need more time with my family and the company's interests no longer align with mine.  therefore i want to apply for a demotion position as a manager of audit, despite my amazing experience."  er, understanding that it is a recession, but STILL.

#2 - alum from 98 who is VP of marketing of some b.s. company needing help before his next board meeting on what to do with a potential new product.  again, needing urgent help for something and he doesn't know me and i've never heard of him.  we finally talk, he makes NO INTRODUCTION of himself, who he is, his company, NOTHING.  i mention my sloan graduation and he pronounces me a 'young-un'.  then i give him a good suggestion on his potential product idea, and he asks if i can put him in touch with our ad agency.  (um NO).  the guy was a total tool.

again, entitlement intersects sloan personality disorder intersects nothing.

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