Friday, June 5, 2009

the palm pre

finally, after being a rabid blackberry pearl user for the past 3 years,  i have found a phone that i actually would try as a replacement blackberry, which i believe will ultimately prove to be better than the current blackberry pearl i use.   it will be better because it will have all the productivity features of the blackberry, with all the entertainment features of the iphone.  it's called the palm pre.  now i have to wait about 6-9 months until i can get it through my carrier, but eventually i will get it.  by then, it's entirely possible that blackberry will have caught up.  so we shall see, but i do hope the best phone wins.


Capt. BS said...

Hmmm... a Pri with a Pre? How droll.

Peiton and I have been closely following this thing since the CES in January, and we're curious to see how well it's received. Our thoughts on the Pre can be summarized as follows:

* Palm + Sprint = 2 x (a company that's going down the crapper and needs to execute a hail mary) --> Makes sense.

* WebOS: Palm's first major technological innovation since the turn of the century. And it's about time a phone was actually able to multi-task, rather than merely providing the illusion of doing so.

* Keyboard concerns: if the pull-down keyboard is that slim, how are you going to be able to type while maintaining the stability of the device between your fingers? Also, given the angle, how easy is it to press the keys in the top row? Hopefully there's a a decent soft keyboard as an alternative. (Lately I've found 20-key keyboards with adaptive autocomplete to be much more efficient than full QWERTYs, anyway.)

* Launch strategy: they've stolen a page from Apple's playbook in keeping the device tightly under wraps and slowly leaking out rumors and details to Engadget, Gizmodo, and the like, and they've timed the launch as a pre-emptive strike on Apple's latest iPhone... but with this high-roller approach, if the Pre isn't well-reviewed or well-received by Joe consumer, the iPhone release will steal the Pre's buzz, and you may never hear about it again. Unless...

* Verizon also signs on. VZW's plans to carry the Pre in September could be construed as any (or all) of the following:
- a ringing endorsement of the Pre
- Palm's personal lifeboat on the deck of the Titanic
- a hedged expression of VZW's regrets for turning down the iPhone

Peiton has Sprint and needs a new phone, so maybe he'll get one and share his thoughts.

Priya said...

I do admit the fact the phone sounds like my name had something to do with this. It's so much better than the other names like Dare, Allure, Thunder, all so odd.

As for your point on 20 key keyboards with autocomplete - I could not agree more - I've been telling people that's why the blackberry pearl is so great for the LONGEST time.

So far the Pre has been very well received. Hence the point of my article, that something had actually gone past the hype to deliver, even when they delivered late.

Anyway we shall see.