Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Signs a Co-ed Lives Here.

This is the view from my apartment right now:

That was not placed there by NStar. It was removed from the neighboring apartment by Mommy Dearest, who felt it was an unnecessary piece of decor, as was a live size cut out of Zac Efron. The kids must have pilfered it, like so many pieces of city property that end up in Dorm rooms nationwide.

Of course, returning it to any number of construction areas within a 3 block radius of the apartment would have been too much for Mommy Dearest. So, she does the next best thing, if you're from California. She tries to recycle a traffic cone. 

Newsflash. Traffic cones aren't recyclable. Or if they are, the City of B---- wont be recycling them for you. In fact, what they will do is remove them from the recycling bin, and place them on the curb.

Mommy dearest may have already left town, since the quantity of late-night dating from the summer tenant is up 100%. Which means, my choices are:

a) Live with the traffic cone as a permanent fixture on the curb, until such time as NStar turns up and reclaims it

b) Passive aggressively placing it on the doorstep of the unsuspecting and totally innocent summer tenant

c) ??

1 comment:

Priya said...

in chicago we would save that traffic cone for winter parking, wherein we'd use it to save a spot we'd shoveled out on the street. i can't guarantee the traffic cone is enough though. you might need some lawn furniture. or if the kids throw out a futon, that would be perfect.