Monday, June 8, 2009

surrender to the clipboard people

initially i watched the clipboard people and thought with amusement - gosh they are idiots.  now, i find myself in the unenviable position of having major portions of my work teams having become clipboard people.  i'm fighting to hang on but it's hard.  it's hard when i have to fight choice moments like these on a daily basis.  tell me there's relief?

- mediate an email flame war between a project administrator and a gate administrator over the correct process to put a project on-hold.  

- anticipate a show-down between 2 managers, one of whom has a list of projects which will be put on hold, and therefore deprioritized by IT, if there is no movement in the next 60 days, the other of whom is arguing that her method of calculating the "no movement" clause is flawed and has come up with his own list of projects to work instead.  note, when my boss is fired because his projects were all deprioritized by IT, i suppose the flawed calculation methodology won't really matter.

- lose my temper over an employee who has spent  over 5 months hemming and hawing over a "process" to manage mini projects under 50 hours of work in IT LOE - projects that would happen no matter what, that no one even knows about right now.  after losing my temper the process got done the next day.  she's spent hours and hours and hours of our time reviewing something that has no bearing whatsoever, but turned it into a pet project she had to get done.

ed note: a clipboard person is my general term for someone mired in beauracracy with no idea what they are doing or why, but continues to follow process.

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