Monday, July 20, 2009

Congratulations - Now Leave Me Alone!

I love facebook. I really do. And I said I would hate it. But then, I said I would hate my wedding gown (or the style of it) and I LOVE it. And I said I hated spinach. So, clearly, I am no judge of my own tastes, at least, over time. 

But, that aside, I love facebook. And I was overjoyed to see that a friend of mine updated her status message to "Just had a beautiful baby boy" about an hour ago. That's the beauty of web 4.0 or whatever the heck number we're on now.

Naturally, my response is to reply "Congratulations!!" .. or more accurately "Mazal Tov!" and then go one with my day, making a note to stop by Carter and get at least 2 baby gifts tonight (It's alarming the rate at which they are coming these days.) 

But, facebook, bless their hearts, wont let it go. I get every single comment made on her announcement. Every one. And there are dozens, naturally. This is hardly a post like "I really wish cheese were less yellow and more red" or "Lunch is definitely late!" This is a baby! Everyone says congratulations. And now I need to get random emails from Vladamir Smith saying the same. Of course, at times, I do want to follow a thread - like, if it turned out that you can get red cheese, but it is just a red skin. Or the cranberry cheese which is so delish. But, I should be able to opt out on a case by case basis... surely?

Whoever has access to Facebook Bugzilla, can you enter this one in?

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