Friday, July 31, 2009

hey thongcharmers!

after a month of posting near nothing except for an ominous post about feeling like an iditarod husky being mushed into oblivion, i'm back.  the highlights of july, in no particular order, are:

the odd and rather bad:

* i got stuck in the detroit airport, then bunked the night with another traveler at a best western where we almost missed our morning connection due to a hotel guest that decided to barricade himself in his room with a gun.  at 5 am when we walked through the lobby with police pointing guns  at us....scary

* a man skidded and fell off his motorcycle and tumbled in front of my car.  thankfully he was allright but it was a scary sight.  and all i wanted was some mc'ds before a hike

the excessively good:

* sheri is pregnant!  yay!  mom and dad will be grandparents.  yay!!

* i ran a pretty darn good 2 day session for one of our execs and am now sort of leading a major strategy effort, without really trying.

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