Thursday, July 9, 2009

intl cheesy movie serial post #1

the first scene shows a youngish looking actor in his mid-20s who is supposed to be a student.  he is wearing an all jean ensemble; jean jacket with the sleeves ripped out, a bandana tied around his neck, no shirt, no chest hair and acid wash jeans.  his ethnicity and country location are irrelevant.  

our hero, we will call him Don/Dahn/Thon, is standing and talking in a very animated way with his two best friends in front of a street food stall.  his two friends are shorter than him, but it also appears that Don/Dahn/Thon may be wearing lifts in his shoes.  also he has a buffant hairdo.  

Don and his boufant and friends are acting a little silly and they soon start playing with the noodles they are eating, throwing them at each other.   then the lady selling noodles, who is wearing a hair net, starts gesturing to them wildly to stop playing with her food and raising her spatula to slap them.  i guess she's pissed at them.  but we all know they are lovable rogues.

and now with that scene established, i will ask you, what happens next:

a) they break into song/dance after a hot girl walks by
b) they get into a noodle fight with a rival posse who walks by
c) Don starts a long dream sequence about becoming rich one day
d) Don's mother calls on his cell phone 
e) other or some combination of the above


Lilac - Like The Flower said...

OMG. I want Potsie to say something silly!

No really, I vote for Don's mom calling to ask him to do something that opens up a musical dream sequence on his future wealth

Capt. BS said...

Wait, is this thing a musical?

Hmmm, I think choice (a) is a bit cliche, but if we're optimizing for cheese, that would be the way to go (although it sets off a chain of events that might ultimately stifle creativity, unless said hot girl is devoured by a giant invisible frog in scene 6).

Otherwise, I think his mom calling is an excellent plot device that not only gets the main storyline rolling, but also reveals something about his general personality and disposition. If you want to introduce a rival posse at this point, how about if you do it at a moment of weakness for our hero -- e.g., just as he's about to tell his mother he loves her before he hangs up, one of the rivals launches an epic noodle-blast that knocks the phone out of his hand, and causing it to shatter as it hits the ground. Many storytelling possibilities naturally follow.