Monday, July 6, 2009

Pins and Needles

Today is a nervous day. It may be, to no small part, hormonal. Or it's stress. Or it is some combination of factors that makes me feel like everything that happens is an imposition on my tenuous hold on peace. I want to shut out the world and make the earth speak to me only when it/he/she is spoken to. Naturally, that's not an option. 

There are so many reasons why today is a bad day, already... but none which are appropriate for blogging. But I'm curious how best to alleviate this stress. Ordinarily, it would be time for a nice long workout, involving potentially a run, which always makes me feel like progress is occurring, even if I just run up the hill and back. That's not a bad plan, but it cannot be executed for at least 6 hours. And I suspect it will take the form of a gym workout instead. With about 100 errands around it.. so hardly a day at the spa. 

In the mean time, with my lengthy to do list.. what can be done to relieve the stress? Thoughts?

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