Monday, July 20, 2009

Tell The Truth, My Lord, Kumbaya

Thongcharm is undergoing a management transition. Politics are afoot. Tides are turning. All that Jazz. 

With any good change comes a new corporate effort at cultural change. I am perpetually impressed with the unbridled optimism that comes with new leadership. Perhaps I'm overly cynical, but I'd like to think whipping up a batch of effective koolaid requires more than sugar water. 

Still, I would play along, except the current game-du-jour reminds me far too much of girl scouts - and I never got many merit badges. It has been dubbed a "ritual" with the name of "Kumbaya", which requires me to sing....

Kumbaya, My Lord, Kumbaya
Kumbaya, My Lord, Kumbaya
Kumbaya, My Lord, Kumbaya
Oh Lord, Kumbaya

There. That aside, back to the ritual. Apparently this signifies a period of unbridled honesty, in which members of a team are free to speak frankly without contradiction, airing their true feelings and speaking forthrightly. Doesn't that sound like a setup for a Seinfeld episode? The part that's challenging is that I can't imagine why anyone would actually feel comfortable to speak freely in a professional context. And, on top of that, why any leader would think that by simply saying it was okay, he could direct folks to be honest. 

Perhaps that's the cynic in me. Perhaps earnest folks create these rituals in good faith, and abide by them with equal levels of belief. Perhaps in their world, void of sarcasm, things are happier. I'm willing to entertain that option... I suppose. Does anyone have any experience with this?

In the mean time, i'm going to explore this upcoming opportunity for creative communication... 

Someone's crying, My Lord, Kumbaya...

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