Thursday, August 6, 2009

i love new york (did i just say that???)

folks, there was a *LONG* time wherein i thought it would be awesome to buy an i love new york t-shirt and put an X over the heart.  i hated new york.  i hated the accent, the shtick, the people, the sports fans.  i hated it all.

and in the past few weeks it's hit me, like that guy you loved all along and never knew - i *love* new york.  i love it's energy, insanity, fun, the vibe, the commotion, the small apartments.  i love every thing about it, from the bedbugs to the ridiculous tickets, to the grease and dirt, to well, the people.

i expect to be knocked down from this moment shortly, but until then i will savor this.  and i may even buy an i love new york t-shirt.  but i'll never give up my chi-town/boston sports teams.  (go bears / red sox / cubs / patriots / bulls... sorry celtics).

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