Monday, August 31, 2009

Lights Out

I'm in a hotel in SF this week, living the dream of giant trade show. The hotel seems to have been recently... upgraded. I wont say renovated, since it feels like there was a new carpet and new furniture put in, but the place still makes my nyc apartment look spacious. And with an amazing view.

One of the upgrades, undoubtedly in line with the california eco-sensibility, is motion sensor lights. In theory this sort of makes sense. But it's in the bathroom. Which, again.. okay. It knows I need to pee. I can take it.

Except that the motion sensor is right by the sink. So, if you happen to be... seated.. .for example.. for more than a minute. Lights out! Or this morning, I took a nice 5 minute shower. Lights out! 

Meanwhile if I move on the bed of the the closet-sized bedroom, the light switches on. 

Great idea. In theory.

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