Monday, August 17, 2009

loose lips sink ships

Propoganda from World War 2 gave America this lovely poster; the moral being, be quiet, you never know who's watching. It is now the 2010's and it's been over 60 years since that poster had any meaning.  And it makes me nostalgic for a certain time and place; when words did carry import; perhaps even a matter for national security.  When talk wasn't stream of consciousness rambling, or what passes for conversation today, which is derivative conversations about nothing (a pseudo celebrity twitters something and then cnn reports it...that's derivative).  It just occurred to me today; how little we care for the messages we spew into the public sphere, as i rambled into my cell phone at the grocery store and i half listened to conversations about gardening, new babies, michael vick, knee surgery and almost killing a man.  we sure do spew a lot of random stuff out into the world.



Capt. BS said...

And if that ever were to change, my purpose in this world would become severely handicapped.

Also, if I may expand upon your anecdote, someone needs to write a novel from the perspective of a can of car-lock deicer sitting on a shelf at a supermarket. Since no one ever buys car-lock deicer at a supermarket, our narrator will have ample time to piece together a disjointed picture of humanity from the various conversational snippets to which it is privy. Comedy, suspense, and drama are all possible.

(BTW, none of this response was lifted from Twitter or CNN.)

Priya said...

the de-icer trope is perfect! here you have a protagonist who is not just ordinary but also inanimate, uniform, man-made and utterly one-dimensional. but why stop there? perhaps you could write a story told from the perspective of tupperware too.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I think we spew so much verbiage out, that people forget when there IS a microphone and they SHOULD be careful and treat it just the same.