Monday, August 17, 2009

Mother's Maiden Huh?

It must be a particularly challenging day here in TCland. But, let me share. 

I am, in my professional role, a consumer of the services of other businesses. Like office supplies. And web hosting. And wireless phones. And a whole smattering of other things that businesses need in order to survive. 

One of these services has had a problem, and I needed to log in to our account. Only our darling account administrator is no longer with the company (miss you, Shwik!) and thus, I have no username or password. So, I called support, figuring somehow, the person writing the check might be able to gain access to the account. Not so. 

Not only not-so, but I needed to answer security questions. Of course. 

What security questions might a firm associate with a business account? Well - year of founding. Founder's name. Zip code of business. Original company name. Age of CEO. There are a million ridiculous questions. 

Which did they choose? Oh yes. Mother's maiden name. Yep. And Birthplace. Of whom?

Now, how the heck am I supposed to answer those??? 


Anonymous said...

We now have to leave a smattering of information, including our phone number and said recipient of my call will verify my identity and call me back. I feel like a secret gvmt agent! Of course, at least I know the subject of their questions....

Priya said...

i thought everyone used passwords like "company name" or "companyname100" when setting up group accounts. sure it's not secure, but it sure is easy