Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Organic Locally Grown Goodness

I found a new lunch place today, called the Clover Food Truck at MIT. My office is about a quarter-mile away, and I had a hankering for a falafel, so I looked up the good ol' MIT food trucks to see if the better falafel truck was listed. (I don't like the Jerusalem whatever one. It just always tastes raw.)  Instead, I saw there was a new Clover food truck which specializes in vegetarian and organic (and whenever possible, locally grown) food. Off I went in the heat to explore!

SO good. Oh my gosh. I had a pesto/fontina/veggie sandwich and a beet salad (since I have an unabashed adoration for beets). Slightly overpriced, but better than anything I've eaten at a Cosi or ABP in ages. And they have a rotating menu of goodness - including breakfast! 

My life has changed. Bring on the Seitan BBQ, my friends. I'm sold!


Priya said...

*so jealous*

Rachel Ann said...

This makes me miss you and lunch with you. :-(