Thursday, September 3, 2009

Behind the music ..booth babe.

Just before the show starts, the ladies room is filled with booth
babes, putting on the Ritz.
So I lingered on this little slice of life. I waited a bit and fussed
with my hair. And the lady in the latex came out of the stall. She was
chatting with the lady in the catsuit. Both were hoarse from data
tempting the nerds with their wares.

I asked her about her outfit. She said the modeling agency just sent
her a description. I took a look at her. She was easily in her 30s,
with jet black roots and fake boobs. I felt bad for her.

I wondered out loud... Who designs these looks? She offered up that
it wasn't so long ago that she was that person, working for a major
investment bank. And now, in these economic times, she found herself
as the booth babe herself.

One more day, she said, adjusting the legs on her unitard. And, I felt
the lifetime movie music start... The booth babe with the heart, just
trying to make it through.

I guess it could happen to anyone. Just a small town girl....


hornett said...

this is why your phone has a camera on it.

Priya said...

wasn't this the beginning of the story about the college student who strips to make ends meet?