Tuesday, September 29, 2009

district 9

if you saw this movie, post your thoughts in the comments section, please.  i think this may be my favorite movie this year.  it's just... it's just awesome.


Mr. Le said...

So, so many classic moments. The cinematography (from mockumentary to action to gladiator type stuff with not even a hint of it being an alien flick) and homage to all the various archetypes (the sidekick, the little child) and turning them on their head (bureaucrat turned hero...) Let's not forget the allegory behind it and the commentary on human nature to marginalize based on difference. Awesome is putting it lightly.

I'll be dogged in the details in case folks haven't seen it:

-Subtitles for the nigerians speaking English
-The name Christopher Johnson
-The vomit scene
-Wikus's interpretation of their art.
-Hello, little guy! It's the sweetie man coming!
-You want to keep that, as a souvenir of your first abortion, eh?

Did I say cat food? 100,000 cans of it!

Priya said...

they take the shoes off your feet. then they check the brand. then they take your phone.