Sunday, September 27, 2009

fiber is the new low carb, which was the new low fat

i've just noticed a serious number of commercials touting that their food has fiber in it. today alone, fiber one, progresso soup (yes), cheerios.  they all seem to claim that fiber will fill you up more, is better for you (because it's not white flour and white is bad, bad bad).  is it just me or is this beginning to sound like the next craze in food trends?  i wonder how much more salt and other additives have to be put in to make fiber taste good.  probably a lot.


Mr. Le said...

Doesn't fiber, because it scrapes and cleanses your intestinal lining, make you poop a lot? They should tell you that when you buy that crap. Pun intended.

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

It's actually generally healthy. of course, most "enriched" fiber is actually .. cellulose or some other wood fiber (not toxic.. just not appealing.) If you want fiber, people, eat a prune.