Friday, September 25, 2009

live blogging dance flick (unedited) part 1

9:36: the movie starts with music immediately.  it's an mtv film.  there are guys free styling in a brooklyn high school gym.

9:37: someone pees in another guys face while breakdancing in said brooklyn gym.  oh my another guy just stuck his head in his ass.  no, literally.  another guy just took off and flew out the window.  i swear all this was in the movie.  i swear.  another guy just drilled himself a hole into the ground.  this is off the hook.

9:40: there's a dance off beginning for about 7,000 of cash in a roll of bills.   the one guy does his signature move which is him sliding on his head.  he slides out of the building onto the street and off a broken bridge.  the bad guy wins the competition.

9:43: insert blond girl as ballerina reference here.  i think like that movie with julia stiles, save the last dance.

9:44: insert blond girl's mom dying on her way to see her daugher at the julliard audition.  now she's an orphan.  the setup is perfect.

9:46: insert little miss sunshine reference here, as blond girl does the olivia dance for the julliard judges.  she doesn't get into julliard and she finds out her mom dies.  as she is retelling the story to a woman on the train, the woman leaves calling her a "long winded ho"


Mr. Le said...

I'm so confused. Are you watching a movie or completing a madlib?

Mr. Le said...

Oh wait, is this an allegory? Follow this line of thought:
-Breakdancer/pee-er: TBD. I was going to say Glenn Beck, but I think he finds breakdancing "racist."
-Guy with head in ass: Barney Frank, oh wait.
-Man out the window: TBD, but something tells me that maybe he had to pee.
-Slider: not to be confused with same character in Top Gun. But he clearly is part of a nonprofit cooperative.
-Bad guy: definitely, definitely some big conglomerate, Company I.
-Blond girl: Sarah Palin
-Blond girl's mom: She was uninsured, wasn't she?
-Subway lady: Teabaggers
-Julliard judges: can we say death panel??

Priya said...

what's a teabagger?

Mr. Le said...

Are you asking a rhetorical question?