Friday, September 25, 2009

live blogging dance flick (unedited) part 2

9:49: enter chris elliott as blond girl's dad.  and all the wayans brothers and sisters.  and david allen grier.  and also anyone who's ever acted in a scary movie.

9:58: blond girl dancer is now at ghetto high school.  she has just met her future boyfriend in a class about acting.  they get into a fight about whether jessica simpson is worse for acting or for ruining the cowboys season.  while the guy from scary movie conducts a terrifying high school class on acting.

10:01: the dance class has a teacher named ms. camel toe.  that's pronounced "toi".

10:03: the cafeteria scene.  blond girl tries to sit down at the dancer table and is denied.  also she's befriended a girl with a baby who she leaves in the locker while she's in glass.

10:05: the cafteria spontaneously breaks out into a song from fame with a cello player, keyboardist and blind pianist.  everyone is dancing.  the gay son of the basketball coach is dancing with a leotard on.  the song has become "i'm going to be gay forever"

10:10: everyone is going to club violence "where all the big ballers get shot".  blond girl's friend brings her son with her in a backpack to the club.   the baby is coat checked.

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Mr. Le said...

Camel ewe? The weigh-ins brothers are getting punny!