Friday, September 25, 2009

live blogging dance flick (unedited) part 3

10:31 the last 1/2 hour has involved plot.  soooo boring.  go back to the dancing.

10:39: there is nothing to blog about.  this must be the bad part of the movie.

10:42: a drive-by is being planned.  boring.

10:43: ooo a dance show.  this is better.  they're going to do a street battle to win the money that some of their friends owe a bad guy money.  

10:47 someone is flying around a stripper pole only gripped by her mouth.  and now, roller skates.  and now the head slide move again.

10:50: david allen grier in  500 pound fat suit is dancing.  this movie is horrible.  make it stop.

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Mr. Le said...

A few observations from the peanut gallery (though, technically, the peanut gallery of the peanut gallery)

-Hmm, wants more dancing, less plot. You might want to go to channel 563, 564 or 569 for that one. I totally just looked that up, and I think I passed the H1N1 channel too. SICK.
-Why is the posting clock off; it's as if you're blogging back to the future. Literally.
-What's the symbolism behind stripper pole and the mouth? Is it a portkey?