Sunday, September 20, 2009

new york, fashion capital of america

so, i always knew that nyc was the place where fashion happens in america.  but it hit me this weekend, that it's also the place to see what the rest of america is wearing, too.  times square, canal street, union square, all these places are a concentrated parade of what americans who come to visit new york wear.  and let me tell you what they are wearing now.  in jeans, someone went and knocked off the designer jeans look and now every person wearing them has horseshoe stitching on their back pockets.  in hair, for men, ill chosen mullets.  for women, really bad hair extensions, ala lindsay lohan.  and screen prints.  lots and lots of screen print tee's.  


hornett said...

Don't forget that the Germans are using up all their vacation right now, so you're bound to see tons of Germans in just about every tourist area!

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

See, I'm fascinated with the weather. Boston has a mix of hoodies and shorts on the kids, AND full on fall coats. I'm confused.