Friday, September 18, 2009

A Tirade

I woke up this morning with a plan. Work from home in my pink polka dot jammies, set up my new, fully functional work laptop so as to get actual wireless internet connectivity back in my life, and complete a set of pretty mundane work tasks while baking a pie for tonight's holiday meal. Simple, right?

Oh. My. Gosh. I am lucky i'm alone, because whoever would have had the unfortunate fate of being within spitting distance of me would be hearing a stream of obscenities that would make a porn star blush. 

I got a new laptop in the mail from work. I work remotely. It was mailed at least a week after it was meant to have been mailed. It was mailed without a power cable. Then, a week later, I got the power cable. Then, I opened it up and realized - it was mailed without a password. So, having stayed home from work (because storage requirements have me working from home to enable the transfer of data to the new laptop), I found that prior to 10am, no one was able to track down a password.

Then it was the wrong password. Then an hour and a half passed before someone found the right password. That very IT guy then claimed he wasn't the one who set up the laptop. What? There is only ONE IT guy. Who set up the laptop? Finally logged in, and anticipating a HUGE battle with VPN access and so on, because I had only an admin password to the thing, I realized, as it started up ... that IT HADN'T BEEN WIPED.

I knew it wasn't a NEW laptop - just a functioning one, whereas my current one is like computing in a soup of wireless-disabled molasses. But, it wasn't even reformatted? So I can inherit all the internet flotsam of some other dipshit who was since fired from the company and whose laptop, associated plug-in IE errors and worms? 

I am beyond livid. Half a day lost to frustration, combined with the fact that I am now operating on one half-uninstalled (in preparation for a move) laptop for at LEAST another few weeks has me breathing fire. And I had to get it out. What else is a blog for? 

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