Friday, September 18, 2009

the wizard of oz

at this same conference i went to (see earlier post) there were probably 5,000 mentions of the word iPhone. which is awesome, because: not a single apple employee attended the conference or presented on a panel. at the vc panel, a former marketing guy for the iphone who recently became a vc had to sit uncomfortably while his peers shredded the fact that the iphone really hadn't done much to drive growth for them. even the former ceo of jamdat, a company that made its money on mobile games, said that with 17,000 games on the iphone, the profit potential was nil. it all just seems like the apple wizards are back there in cupertino somewhere churning out their version of Oz and we're all happily playing along. i'll just wait for the tin man, then.

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Capt. BS said...

Ah, the myth of the profitable "applications store" finally begins to crumble, and with it, the notion that wrapping anything in an invisible web browser makes it an "application" that is worth something.