Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blast from the Past

There are many people who I really could do with never seeing again. I don't harbor any latent hatred. I don't wish them ill. We had a scuffle or misunderstanding or tiff or whatever, many many years ago, and I simply would be content never seeing them again. It would be cleaner. 

But I live in Boston. I see my old nemesis at the gym, for crissake. And often that fellow actually takes the time to leer. Gross. 

Today, I thought I saw a blast from the very distant past, walking the halls of my office. I was on the way to the bathroom with a real sense of urgency, so I did not stop to confirm - after all, it's been 10 years. People change. But, the person had the rough dimensions of the old colleague, and was walking with a mutual acquaintance, so I had every reason to believe it was she. But, more importantly, I needed to pee. And I needed to get away. These are not times of peace for me - 9 days before a wedding and in a moment of organizational madness. I didn't need a reunion.

What did she do to wrong me? Well, it feels so silly looking back. We were children. I was 21. But, at the time, in our childish rush towards promotion and increasingly interesting jobs, offices, and clients, we became frenemies, before the term was coined by the disney channel. I can't recall what minor triumph I had accomplished, but she said something to indicate that she believed I had slept my way to that win. Now, this was ludicrous. While I was (and am) friends with the gentleman in question, the very idea of it was comical. However, the implication - that I didn't deserve the win, and that I was the type of person who would stoop to that level - stung. That was below the belt. 

We didn't have a good working relationship after that, which should come as no surprise, and less than a year later, I was already out of that company and I never saw her again. Sure, I've seen her on linkedin and facebook - so I vaguely know where she is. But I've never seen her in person.

Until now. Or so I think... the ghost that passed in the halls may have been someone else entirely. I don't wish her any ill, but it would be nice not to be haunted. 

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