Wednesday, October 21, 2009

indian personality disorder - hedge fund edition

so for any of you following the news these days about the Galleon hedge fund scandal, this appears like a serious case of indian personality disorder.  actually south asian, not just indian.   but anyway.  check out this line up:

the hedge fund owner, a sri lankan who presumably crossed the line between having lots of close well connected friends with opinions to doing improper things with other people's money.   

the government's lead prosecutor, an indian

the potential tipper offer, someone who appears to be kind of a screwball, also an indian or pakistani.

some of the lead co-conspirators, two well educated, well placed executives at intel and google, also indian, who threw away their reputation, career and education in order to make a few bucks.

what's next?  indian personality disorder -  grocery shopping edition (side note - YES, indians have now taken over the grocery store industry (in addition to gas stations, dunkin donuts, convenience stores and hotels)  go to the whole foods in union square sometime.  you heard it here first).

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