Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thongcharm Wedding Weekend

2/3 of Thongcharm got married yesterday. It was almost perfect. And I don't often say that about weddings, but this one truly was. Feel free to comment if you attended on your favorite things about the wedding. For me it was the Lilac/Brian meet-up and picture session at 5pm and the cheetos at the bar. The little touches make all the difference.


Lilac - Like The Flower said...

The other 2/3 of thongcharm are so touched by your post!!! We were so glad to have a TC wedding reunion.. and so glad you liked the cheetos!

Were you peeking at our meetup? :-)

Capt. BS said...

Wait a minute, I'm 1/3 of ThongCharm? Wow, that's the second biggest honor bestowed upon me this weekend, right after my -- wait for it -- wife's hand in marriage and her gracious acceptance of my desire to swashbuckle down the aisle.

Moments of which I will forever have a photographic memory:
(1) The balcony rendezvous
(2) Seeing her walk down the aisle
(3) Discovering that one of my oldest, bookworm-brainiest friends who I haven't seen in five years can now do the fucking moonwalk.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure that I'm in a state where I can return to my day-to-day life. Maybe this is why some wise old sage invented the honeymoon. (It wasn't. But that's okay.)

Mr. Le said...

Awesome. Were the Cheetos the crunchy kind or the soft kind? An important consideration, apparently:

Fast forward to 3:15 if you don't like children. Or chubby ones.

Best wishes!