Monday, November 2, 2009

Do not eat at Bartley's Burgers in Cambridge MA

Whatever you do, please don't eat here.  The place is:

a) filthy
b) the service is demeaning and rude
c) the food doesn't taste good and in my case wasn't even cooked
d) did i mention the service is terrible?

If I ever find the owner I may throw a drink in his face.


Lilac - Like The Flower said...

Did you mention that it was crowded? I think I would always prefer R. F. OSullivans anyways. Much better burger.

hornett said...

Yes, I think it is overrated. Just pony up the cash and go to Radius - best burger ever.

Capt. BS said...

Haven't been there since the ole college days, but it was like eating a giant beef ball inside of a can of sardines. Occasionally the beef ball was done quite well, but O'Sullivan's beats the high holy hell out of them.

On a related note, when talking to someone at a cocktail party, I am always distracted by fantasies of throwing my drink in their face -- even if I like them -- just to see what would happen.


I'll take your advice on this one. It's a tourist trap, no?