Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Note to Foodies

Open Letter to Foodies and Food Related Magazines

Dear Food World, 

I love you. I love your beautiful photography. I love your recipes, both as food porn and as inspiration. I have been known to clip your pages and stick them in a notebook, and then peruse it for ideas. One day, I'll make that fresh green pea risotto, I promise.

However, while there was a time for morels and caviar and a dash of chinese black vinegar, there is also a time for tomato sauce, onions, and a bit of salt. More and more, I find myself hunting for a fairly basic recipe, like stuffed tomatoes, and finding a million and one variations, none of which fulfill the basic stuffed tomato promise. 

I found tomatoes stuffed with guacamole. I found numerous tiny cheese stuffed appetizers. I found things stuffed WITH tomatoes. But, there was no basic recipe for tomatoes stuffed in a rice mix. Something tells me I could find one at one of those recipe sites where 50% of the recipes are sponsored by Kraft and the Corn Lobby - but they scare me. And will call for half a stick of Velveeta. 

So, Epicurious, it's time to go back to the basics. Put in that top 100 recipes for old time favorites - simple and good. I promise, the world will thank you.

--Your Budding Chef.


hornett said...

Epicurious is all user infor, right? Try Williams-Sonoma, they have a more, ahem, rigorous recipe posting policy - they only do their recipes. Also, try Food Network. They still have all the recipes from Mario Batali and Michael Chiarello on their site - just search by the chef first so you don't end up making something created by Guy Fieri.

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

Actually, Epicurious is the recipe site of the now-defunct Gourmet, Bon Appetit, and so on. It has no user content. However, AllRecipes is all user content, and tends to have a heavy dose of cool whip and EZ Cheez. I can't take that.

I will try Food Network... I just can't see why the basics aren't.. well.. basic!

Kate said...

That's a Bittman or a Contessa question!

Heidi said...

I heart Alton Brown big time.

Priya said...

may i recommend the fannie farmer cookbook? it's about $7 and it has old school americana cooking for just about everything.

Priya said...

Priya said...

in case you didn't get the link, the book does have a recipe for stuffed tomatos