Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Step Away From the Blogger

I am wracking my brain to develop a theory for why this is happening.. but... 

People have really been invading my personal space lately, in ways I'm almost certain never happened before. I could be more sensitive, but somehow, things more egregious than usual.

For example, at the drugstore the other day, I was picking up a prescription for a, er, drug of a profoundly personal nature. Further, I was augmenting my purchase with some products of a rather personal nature. Usually, I'm not so timid about the ol' monthly purchase, but in this instance, I felt acutely aware that there was a shopper impatiently standing behind me. As moments turned to minute, she found herself standing right next to me. When I approached the counter, she literally stood side by side with me, mumbling. 

I checked to see whether she was coherent, or potentially suffering from some form of dementia. But, after hearing her interact with the pharmacist, I decided she was certainly well enough to realize she was basically touching me during my own purchase. When I glared at her, thinking yelling at an older woman was inappropriate, she just looked at me like "a-yup." Happy as a clam.

Then, today, I was at the gym refilling my water bottle at the fountain and nearly hit a woman who apparently was standing right over me. I didn't hear her come up to me, and as I lifted my head, she was RIGHT THERE. Come to think of it, she was no spring chicken herself. And she just looked at me dumbly, as though she wasn't 2 inches from getting accidentally hit. 

It has happened a few more times in the past week. Have the rules of personal space changed? Please advise, internets. 


Capt. BS said...

The only sage advice I can offer is: it should not be taken for granted that all of these people were wearing clothes.

Matt Bovell said...

Ahhh yes, let me try my hand at some psychoanalysis! Could it be that now that you are married, your sense of security and your sense of all of Maslow's needs being met, has made you more sensitive to intrusions from others?

Mmmmm. My bill is in the mail. :-)