Sunday, November 29, 2009

violence and thanksgiving

this thanksgiving weekend was nice homey time with family, a warm house, a lounging dog rolling on the carpet, wine, brownies, and stuffing leftovers. mm... sounds so good, right?

but then i was absolutely jarred by the violence i encountered that we all seem to enjoy. first up, the book mosquito coast which i finally finished. the protagonist allie fox drags his family to honduras to live in the purest state possible. only he flips out when some indians come to their camp and kills them violently in a rigged up air conditioning unit. soon thereafter he comes to a violent end when his 2 sons tie him to a boat, he tries to get help, is shot by a missionary and paralyzed neck down, and two days later vultures, who are the ultimate scavengers (and he hates all scavengers) pick the remaining live parts of his face off him.

and then when we were done with that, we watched a TV show called dexter about a serial killer who only kills bad people and works as a cop, and dates people, but is in fact, a serial killer.

what is wrong with us? seriously?

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