Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Airport stupid

Firstly, I know what I did was wrong. Also, I know I am weary of air
travel having just embarked on my second 8 our journey in 2 days.

A man, seeing me on the phone, motions to me to watch his bag. He is
off. And, may I add, the boarding for our mutual flight has begun.

I barely respond and he is gone. Mind you, his bag is about 1 third of
the size of my normal rollerboard and backpack regular travel luggage,
so this man can easily carry it with him. Easily.

I watch it. Boarding starts. He isn't back. 5 minutes pass. I
seriously consider leaving it. Or telling the cops who will explode
his laptop. Bam. But my husband convinces me to wait. We wait.

Man now carrying his custom sandwich finally appears. No thank you.
Not a nod in our direction. Nothing.

Like, seriously? Part of me wishes I called security,

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