Tuesday, December 1, 2009

business informal reply

i gotta say in my mind there are so many options for women in the middle tier, business casual category. i think the key is to wear whatever you want and mix up your business and personal wardrobe, but it still has to have a certain level of ability to impress. there is no right or wrong item, it's how you put it together and what looks good on you that determines whether it's still business or has devolved to casual.

  • collared shirt, great fitting pencil skirt and some type of heel or boot.
  • well-fitting shirt dress or sweater dress with heel or boots. winner in this category was bright orange shell half sleeve dress with gold slingbacks. amazing outfit. loser was bright red sweater dress, too tight with black boots and visible thong panty lines.
  • pseudo preppy pair of pants, like navy pinstripe, with fun heels and a really girly sweater.
  • a blazer in a wool fabric, white shirt, black pants and black boots.
  • a nice belt around an otherwise boring plain sweater that hits the midriff, or a scarf around an otherwise boring sweater
  • a traditional suit with a cool printed silk blouse
  • those sweaters at banana republic sweater table - the ones with bulky cable knit or big cowl neck look surprisingly cool with a skirt or pair of suit pants.
  • a cool fleece vest or north face vest over a collared shirt and black pants

to avoid if you're going for business casual:

jean anything
long sweaters, especially the kind with a built in belt tie on them
flat ballet slippers or flat boots, especially those new moon boots
any skirt or dress that is flowing
polyester looking fabrics
colors that do nothing for your complexion
ill-fitting pants: too big, too tight, too short, visible panty lines (vpl)
skirts that are too short or too long. 1 inch above the knee to mid-calf, depending on your figure
stripper shoes. and please use your best judgement, because the buyers at nine west have lost theirs
chico's jewelry


Lilac - Like The Flower said...

I suppose you're right. And yet, I dunno - when the men are in blazers, I feel like I need to be wearing one too. Or maybe my "otherwise boring" sweaters are too boring... I will think on it.

As a sidenote, I've been looking for the short flowy-type sweater that is a cross between a capey thing and a real top - and somehow, I haven't found it yet.

Priya said...

have you tried jcrew for the capey short top? they had a lot of those a few seasons back.

Kim said...

I agree. I have many patterned dresses, too, that I wear with casual boots or even flip flops on weekends and heels during the week. It works.