Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fashion update: mens shoes

Over here, across the pond, an alarming fashion trend is emerging in
men's shoes. Black, formal men's shoes - where precious little has
changed in decades.

The laces have moved. Not REmoved. Just, relocated. The entire lacing
portion of the shoe, including the eyes and the "knot" have now moved
to the outside side of the shoe, as if the foot decided to part itself
on the side, rather than the middle.

It looks odd, and seems counter intuitively hard to lace, since the
outer edge of the foot is not easily reached by resting it on the
opposite knee. In fact, I recall once hearing that the more portly
among us can be easily identified by their laces being tied on the
inner part of the foot, rather than the center of the shoe, for
accessibility reasons. Perhaps this opposite positioning is meant to
be an indicator of fitness?

Consider ths your sartorial warning.

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SuperBunny said...

Then again, women have worn heels for ages ...