Friday, December 18, 2009

Internal marketing

I have a feeling I have written about this before, but on another trip
to an unnamed large company, I am dazzled anew by the internal
marketing. These tremendous marketing dollars - probably millions and
millions a year - are spent to advertise and inform their own employee

There are signs, announcements, contests, sculptures, branded soup
containers in the cafeteria, branded busses between buildings,
competitions, and on and on. In front of me in the lobby is an actual
branded hard cover coffee table book intended to tout the success of
their products for customers.

I think there should be a corporate devlopment evolution matrix out
there, in which step 7 is "invest heavily in persuading employees that
they work for an awesome company."

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Rachel Ann said...

Um, I buy into that stuff AND help out with the committee that makes those decisions. :-)

Priya said...

so true. at my company an entire gym is branded and logo'd, we have a constantly rotating series of signs/placards for the employees, there are sightings of our main advertisers, there are contests to sell more. it's completey insane.

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

OMG, RA - really? you make those decisions? Tell me .. how does it work? Do you think "our employees are mostly womoen - so lets not advert the mens shoes?"

Priya said...

please i don't make those decisions. someone does though. and some sponsorship company in the area who makes logo'd shit is super super happy.