Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Eyes Are Up Here

This blog post is not about boobs. I, and my girlfriends, were recently accused of talking too much about boobs. This is not about boobs. It's a parallel topic, however. 

If someone has a... physical feature... that is eyecatching and distracting... are you allowed to look at it? Not a disability, of course. Or a disfigurement. Or anything unfortunate. That's clearly rude. However, what if it is an attractive feature. Let's take it a step further. What if it was voluntarily added to their appearance? 

Tattoos come to mind. If someone has a butterfly on their neck, can you look at it, or should you keep your eyes front-and-center? What about a pierced lip? Clearly, these were not tragic accidents of birth or circumstance, but rather voluntary artistic expressions. What if you're in a business setting? I imagine commenting on a tattoo is appropriate in a bar, but what if you're in a conference room?

I was recently in a situation in which a very very attractive woman, in a conference room, was introduced to me. And, not only was she gorgeous, but she had a small, glistening diamond embedded in her tooth. Now, it sparkled. I couldn't help but notice it. But, I'm not in the habit of starting at people's mouths. So, I felt awkward. And naturally, I couldn't say "Nice to meet you, here's my card, there's your tooth!"  I felt rude and curious and annoyed at being manipulated into acting rude and still very curious all at the same time. How does one get their teeth cleaned?

I feel like any decision, whether tattoo on your forehead or gold on your tooth, which is inherently a choice cannot also be a source of inappropriate stares. You got yourself into it - and whether the reason is for attention or just aesthetics, you had to know when you put those holes in your head that they would garner attention. That had to be part of the math. 

Which leads me back to boobs. Are fake boobs, therefore, okay to stare at? 

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Priya said...

well let me put it this way: indian personality disorder code says definitely stare.