Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a rant on what it means to be socially conscious

there's something going on here which i'd like to address. the combination of the recession and president obama has created this real "open up your wallet, it's good for you" mentality and it really bothers me.

the other day i got a mass mailing letter from the democratic party saying i needed to contribute money to ensure the senate stays democratic.

then there are new york city taxes (an additional 1% on top of your federal and state taxes). and the number of parking tickets being written and maybe even the requirement of a bogus new orange and blue NY license plate with something called a $25 plate fee for the convenience of having a new license plate. every state, it seems, is like california. headed for a meltdown with the states desperately trying to grab every last dollar of our money to pay the bills.

then there is my latest con ed bill. in it, it says for an additional 5 cents a kilowatt hour, i can have clean energy. why should i do this? because it's good for the environment. why in the world would i pay more voluntarily, just because? shouldn't the government be subsidizing that.

and by the way, all these parking tickets and plate fees and solicitations for donations don't exactly increase my desire to spend money at retail outlets, but i'm told i'm supposed to do that to ensure our economy stays afloat. especially when i watch CNN.

PEOPLE. something is SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY wrong with our economy. Right now, there are too many competing objectives, with the old capitalist regime driven by purchases of material goods, competing with a new sustainability mantra which is about reduction of consumption in favor of preservation.

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