Friday, January 15, 2010

the horrors of travel

are you freaking kidding me? this is what the ny times reported today about the TSA practice with the airlines for screening passengers or no fly and watch lists:

Mr. Fotenos, the T.S.A. spokesman, promised improvements in a few months, as the agency’s Secure Flight Program takes full effect. Under the new system, airlines will collect every passenger’s birth date and gender, along with their names. The T.S.A. will cross-check all that with the watch lists. Previously, the airlines cross-checked the lists themselves, using only the names.

the clipboard people freaking rule this earth.


Lilac - Like The Flower said...

er. yes... i sort of assumed that they had that information already? goodness knows JetBlue knows it.

Priya said...

the context of the article was that previously, only names were cross referenced, not the dob and other information. so for example, if you unfortunately had someone else's name, you could be put on the list.