Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Locovore's Quandry

Today, it is STUPID cold in Boston. Like, only a stupid person would be out in this cold cold. So, naturally, I had one thing on the mind - butternut squash soup. And the beets in my fridge. The perfect winter dinner, it is made up of foods that are both vegetables and easily stored in a root cellar (if I had one), and thus can be reasonably considered "seasonal." 

But I have no root cellar. So, I went to the local Stop & Shop. Or Shaws. Or whatever. And searched out the items which I had hoped they had carefully sourced from nearby root cellars, since the massachusetts farmers seem to outdo themselves with root vegetables. 

There weren't any. Like, there were less than a dozen beets and less than a dozen squashes. Really? NOT available? Well, what, pray tell, will you fill your shelves with?

Let me tell you what: grapes and peaches and plums and apricots. IN THE DEAD OF WINTER. I don't even WANT a peach in the dead of winter. Except Mrs. Anderson's home-canned variety (dang, girl, those are STILL on my mind!). And what merited the front-and-center stand at the Stop & Shop today? PINEAPPLE. I'm pretty sure pineapple isn't available in the surrounding 2000 miles. And strawberries cannot possibly be in season on this hemisphere.

It's just wrong.


Capt. BS said...

The pineapples were actually hand grenades. The other fruits were only there to fool you into thinking the pineapples were real.

Priya said...

i empathise, but since i bought apricots and butternut squash last night, i can't complain. the only solution is to move to brooklyn.