Wednesday, January 6, 2010

lord of the rings - best of

wednesday is commenting day! tell us your favorite lord of the rings scenes/quotes. i'll start:

loftr 3: anything gimli says or does, his bad acting is comic genius. particularly the scene where they try to negotiate with the orc fortress, the orcs send back someone dead and gimli says "this concludes negotiations"

loftr 2: the fallen king that eats bloody meat and makes the hobbit sing for him. creepy!

loftr 1: the scene when the hobbits hide from the dark rider in a ditch. also, creepy!

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Capt. BS said...

Ah, crap, it's Thursday. Does this post have anything to do with the fact that all three movies were playing on some Turner station last weekend?

Let's see, off the top of my head:

Hands down: the scene where Gandalf confronts the Balrog in the tunnels of Moria: "YOU! SHALL! NOT! PASS!!!!". (I must obtain a t-shirt to this effect.)

The scenes leading up to the Battle of Helms Deep, including: (1) the people of Rohan girding themselves for a seemingly hopeless battle; (2) a platoon of elven warriors unexpectely arrives in honor of an ancient treaty; (3) the looming specter of thousands of orcs slowly and steadily approaching with torch-fire dotting the entire horizon.

At the end when Aragorn is crowned at Minas Tirith, the hobbits start to bow before him, but he stops them and says, "You bow before no one." He then bows to them himself, thereby causing everyone else in attendance to bow before the brave little buggers.