Tuesday, January 26, 2010

red vs. green chillies vs. black pepper

Why don't people ever talk about different types of spicy foods? Green chillies kind of make me sick but red chillies I love and am addicted to. Black pepper is good in small doses but tastes rather uncomfortable in large quantities. Why don't we talk about this more?

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Capt. BS said...

I dunno, why don't people talk about the various types of deadbolt locking mechanisms? I prefer the ones where turning or sliding something in the direction of the doorframe locks the door. I Locks where you have to turn or move something away from the frame (like the one we have on our front door) are very counterintuitive for me, and I have to make a point of remembering that a particular lock is counterintuitive in order to use it correctly on my first try. (Of course, this fails after what is counterintuitive eventually becomes intuitive, in which case I have to make a point to forget that it's counterintuitive.... until what is counter-counterintuitive becomes counter-intuitive again.)

Anyway, I find that tossing a diced jalepeno into a large pot of chicken soup provides a nice kick.