Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Then Smart Said: Stupid is as Stupid Does

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore stupid, an ad campaign emerges to make me realize how hilarious stupid can be. They even poke fun at smart, which is awesome because I'm soooo tired of everything being smart. Smart solutions for a smart planet, smartphones, smart cards, smart cars, blah blah. Click here for the full set of pictures. (thanks to the person who did what i wanted to do but was too lazy and took pics of these in the subway)

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Capt. BS said...

This ad campaign actually worries me a great deal. Does this mean that we've already accepted and embraced Idiocracy ideals, and have now moved onto making money off of them?

That said, there is a point to be made that there are too many smart-branded things that aren't so smart. In fact, I'd say that the very act of positioning something as "smart" makes it overwhelmingly more likely that it will do something stupid or undesirable. Like smartphones that can't cut and paste and/or occasionally complain that tmail.exe has shut down unexpectedly, which usually means all of your email is gone. Or smart-meters that plug into a smart-grid that allows your smart public utility company to bill you more during "peak hours" (which are usually defined to be 5am - midnight).

But as for jeans... well, let the record show that I will not even consider donning of a pair with less than 32GB of on-board flash memory.