Thursday, February 11, 2010

creative writing corner

Inspired by the drive in western China from Tashkurgan to Kashgar, while listening to Prodigy’s Climbatize. I was suffocating in the heat while watching local laborers do work on the roads led by Han chinese crews from back east. The path was very dusty, there were dry barren mountains everywhere and it was windy. Every time we got out of the car, standing up produced vertigo.

You go through this one time.

You go through the sun that stretches

Your skin,

The dust reddening the eyes.

You submit to the demands of the mountain

To build the roads paved for an empire.

Your people once surveyed this land from

Horses and camels.

But you submit silently like a serf

To a pale leader

From far east.

Your toes blister and your shoulders rip

With the toil of the road


You put your faith in the one God,

You submit to his will.

In this life,

Your body owned by nature, by man.

In this life,

Your soul seared off by

Conflicting angles of sun

And rocks on sand mountains.

In the end there will be an oasis of grape leaves

And you will recline late

Drinking wine with the virgins.

For today you build

The road your forefathers

Did not need,

For they were masters,

Of this land

Each rewarded in accordance

To the degree of their slaves’


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