Sunday, February 14, 2010

our goals for the week

After about 3 weeks of finding ourselves increasingly emotionally invested in matters that may not deserve them of us, we have the following goals for the week:

1) Aim for a B+ at all work-related matters. Note that for us, our B+ is the equivalent to most of our coworkers A+.

2) Put limited emotion that involves worry, striving, anxiety into anything. A lobotomized state is the goal here.

3) Make up a hip-hop abs routine in living room (Priya)

4) Do not eat baked goods unless made by herself (Lilac)

1 comment:

Mr. Le said...

I have some good, yet inappropriate ideas for the hip hop video:
-the Chris Brown b-slap dodge
-the Kanye "I'mma let you finish, but Beyonce has the best ab-rockin' move of all time. Of All Time!" move
-the circa 1993 Snoop Dogg backwards chair pose

i'll think of others. Will it be a 6 minute or 7 minute version?

In terms of cookies, is there anything in Boston that doesn't include that nasty pus-colored stuff?