Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#1 Ladies Detective Agency

I'm mid-way through a book called Tea Time for Traditionally Built Women. It's a series in the #1 ladies detective agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. So far it's pretty entertaining. The plot flows like a lazy river, seemingly going nowhere but getting you somewhere in the end. What I appreciate is its desire to not sensationalize life which is so often the case in detective novels. Gory deaths, stalkers, the police, crime. It never occured to me a detective series could be built on such a mundane topic as a football team that's not winning enough games. And I'm more engrossed in the current daily dilemmas of Precious and her assistant Grace than I am for their actual case. In respective order they are car troubles (Precious) and man troubles (Grace). I just find it refreshing with choice lines such as this:

Mma Makutsi (addressing Precious) "would make a stew.. which had the best Botswana beef in it, the very best. She had been given the meat by a cousin who had slaughtered it himself and who said that he knew the parents and the grandparents of the animal in question. And they were all delicious, he told me. He said they were a very delicious family."

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