Thursday, April 8, 2010

Colors. An analogy

When I was in college, sometime in 1995, I recall that a fair few of my classmates were getting hitched after graduation. They would select their future home decor, or begin to buy things that would go with their general look going forward. Conventional wisdom was that the boys didn't take too well to pink and purple, so the only colors that were really acceptable were green and blue. In 1995 in Tacoma, WA, that meant forest green and navy blue, most commonly in an alternating strip pattern. I like blue and green (and actually have blue and green towels from that era, as well), but always sort of disliked the idea of a blue and green world. 

But, my world was pretty small then. Despite being a world traveler, I didn't know what an investment banker did, or how supply chains worked. I was young, in so many ways. 

In an act of mature rebellion, I spent my 20s buying linens in colors that boys would hate. I had a lavender room. curtains. linens. the works.  I then got some white floral duvet covers. It was all very "pre-teenager."  But, I was content. Someone once told me that my bedroom would actually deter men from dating me. I didn't care. I got my purple room.

Then, I grew up a bit. There are other colors besides the primary few. I was out in the world a bit more. I knew a few bankers (Hi J!). I lived in NYC. I developed the ability to clear airport security in my sleep. And I rapidly approached my 30s. So, I went with pink. Not baby pink, but a more sophisticated shade of pink. Sheets and duvet, in recklessly high thread count. I was perfectly content. 

When I got my own apartment, I wanted to paint the walls a color that would allow me to change my sheet colors all the time. I hated the idea of locking into shades of blue (or pink) because my sheets had to match the room. So, I went on a hunch and got coffee-colored walls. The initial inclination was to go with a basic beige, but the magic color lady at Benjamin Moore coaxed me towards a nice sophisticated warm shade which I absolutely adored (Dusty Road!)

I got married. My husband unabashedly loves the pink sheets, mostly because threadcount makes them very cozy (or, he likes pink - which can be his secret) We moved, and had to pick a paint color for the wall in the bedroom. Again, I couldn't commit to a proper color, so I wanted something neutral. Somewhere in my mind was the image of taupe wedgewood, so I wanted a taupe. I actually wanted a warm pinky taupe, but again, the Ben Moore lady steered me in the right direction. And facebook encouraged me to push it to a darker, richer shade. 

The color of my bedroom is nothing I could even define when I was 20. I don't think I knew what taupe WAS. (The color, for reference, is stone hearth) And now, it warms the room in a rich color that complements those purple sheets perfectly. And the white with flowers. and the sage green. Similarly, my life is nothing like what I could have envisioned when I was 20. I couldn't have even defined my life then. And yet, it's warm and cozy and totally what I want. 

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