Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cool or Not?

I have a strange advantage at this new company. I know people who used to work here. People who used to work places tend to be more forthright than people who currently work there, except when their friendship allegiance provides more candid feedback. The folks I know who used to work here are also good friends, so the combination is really remarkably helpful.

What I wish I could do is send "Is he hot or not" queries to them all day, getting basic feedback. I think I simply want to know:

a) Cool
b) Particularly Cool
c) Stupid
d) Malicious

That's all I need. Of course, people can change and context is everything and all that. This would just guide my initial posture. Perhaps I like this because, unlike my wonderful trusting positive optimistic husband (who complements my personality well), I am naturally a little tentative or suspicious, particularly as I haven't been in such a large, and thus politically complex organization in 5 years.

And then I wonder - is there a way to set up a hot-or-not system internally? Why not let everyone have the benefit of the wisdom of the crowd? I say that until someone writes a comment under my photo that reads "please, burn that bikini..."


Capt. BS said...

I thought The Cloud 2.0 did this automatically? Otherwise, what's the point?

Priya said...

It's easy to identify the jerks. The bullies go out of their way to bully the weak. That includes you, because as a new person you are by definition, weak. The disaffected, usually disaffected because no one likes them and they have no friends, go to lunch only with their secretary. Avoid those people. Everyone else is fine.