Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ok i read twilight, allright?

this book was practically forced into my hands. but i'm not here to tell you that i think robert pattinson is the hottest man alive. he isn't. he has grey teeth and doesn't appear washed. please no comments about how i'm wrong. i really am on team jacob, to be honest.

now, let's focus on the book itself shall we? you know, the actual writing? yes.

Setting: Awesome. The writer was able to conjure up this town of Forks from out of nowhere and it really seems believable. I would have liked a little more small town economic depression, a run-down downtown with an unemployment office with mexican laborers outside would have made it a bit better for me. And a Walmart. And some more fat people.

Characters: Pretty Good. The police chief dad, the high school friend posse were believable. The vampires were believable. Bella was mostly believable - how she is mostly there but flaky at times about email writing or her friends or homework. I only don't get how she's such a klutz all the time. She seems to be consistent about nothing yet that's the only thing she is consistent about. That and of course, her love for Edward.

Writing Style: Major Points for writing things exactly down to the truth, exactly as they sound. She does have an ear for dialogue and for capturing reality without writing with any extra melodramatic statements/flowery language. In her entire book there is only one melodramatic line, and that unsurprisingly makes it to a quote on the back cover. I like writers who can tell a good story without resorting to tugging at the heart strings.

The Plot. I loved the Edward forest scenes and most of the stories about bella's first days at a new school and going to the beach. It all seemed mildly believable. There really could be a gang of outcast vampires living in your city. Even the mildly fantastical baseball day with the Cullens was hilarious. The only part i didn't like was the whole business of James, Bella's vampire stalker. Especially the bizarreness of her flying to Phoenix and being tracked to a ballet studio. I think a good Apocalypto style run through the jungle, with multiple threads: Bella lost, Chief Swan on a rescue team, the Indians from the reservation and 2 vampire search parties (the cullens broken up into two) would have been much more heart pounding.

Last on a societal note: I do want to point out this is a book about a girl with no career ambitions, has no interest in sports or college or even friends, has no money and appears to be living in a dead-end town with dead-end prospects. Everyone around her seems similar. Is it just me or does America's favorite new saga all seem just a bit too economically unsound for you? It's a good thing we have a socialist president to bail out Bella from her cuts and scrapes. And I don't think Edward can be considered a pre-existing condition.

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