Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Bedroom Confusion

I have summer shoes. And summer dresses. And summer dinner favorites. And summer beverages like lemonade and margaritas.  But, I don't have summer rooms. I suppose we have a porch, which is technically a summer room. But, of the enclosed rooms in the house, none are - summer only.

What do I mean? Perhaps because I got in this decorating mode during the springtime,I find all the decor mags and blogs seem to love clean, white, beach-cottage looks. But, perhaps because it is still frickin' cold here in Boston, I keep thinking - How could you design a room that would feel insanely cold for 7 months of the year?

I know, not everyone lives in New England. But, riddle me this - do you change out your drapes and bedding and carpets and accessories seasonally? I keep anchoring on design ideas that feel all-season, but wonder if I'm missing out on some normal behavior. Beyond swapping cotton for flannel sheets and getting out the throw blanket in the winter, I just don't see myself overhauling the house. But, maybe I'm wrong. Thoughts? Quick, before I cover my dressers in faux fur (KIDDING! But I am eying this goldfish paper)


Rachel Ann said...

I channel fall ALL YEAR LONG.

Lilac - Like The Flower said...

See, I knew you'd help explain. It's so weird.. you can't whitewash everything!!!